Record Club Case Study

Record Club

We've been working with EDM/Electro House duo, Record Club for over a year now. The DJ & Producer combo have released a new single each month since then, each backed by an ad campaign. They've sustained significant long-term growth, with their follower amount on Spotify growing by 4x.

In August 2021, their summer single, "We Don't Care" took off thanks to highly targeted ads served to fans of EDM. Due to the exceptional ad performance, the song has been continuously placed on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists including Discover Weekly and Release Radar. The track is now at over 175k streams, making it their most successful single to date.

Just last month, their new song, "Groove Machine" started gaining some traction on TikTok with pre-release snippets. The duo pushed up the release date, and we were able to use the TikTok’s for ad inspiration. The ads outperformed all previous campaigns, with diehard fans of specific House artists being targeted. The song quickly became their fastest-growing release yet, garnering thousands of streams per day. Since the song was released, Record Club gained over 850 followers on Spotify.

Spotify Followers
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Continuous Discover Weekly and Release Radar placements.