About Us

Our Mission

We seek to revolutionize the ways in which artists, fans, brands, and studios connect, grow, and thrive.

Virra was founded in 2017 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has grown to serve over 7000 artists and businesses across the globe with a team of specialized marketers, engineers, and music professionals.

Where we are now

Virra offers comprehensive marketing and promotional services on social media, as well as software products, website and process optimization, e-commerce campaigns, brand development, and studio partnerships.

Where we are going

We are working to revolutionize how artists see their craft and the opportunities that their audience presents in the digital economy. We are building a community of artists and professionals in the music industry, helping our artists launch businesses, and developing new ways of monetizing creative content through a direct-to-fan music distribution platform.

Careers at Virra

At Virra, we're more than just a company; we're a community. We value creativity, collaboration, and a passion for music. And we're growing.

Are you ready to be at the forefront of the music industry's digital transformation? Are you passionate about empowering independent artists to reach their full potential? If so, Virra is the place for you.