Enabling artists to market and profit from their music

Mission Statement

We're helping build a future where creators can be in control of their content, marketing, data analytics, and the monetization process

Vision Statement

Give creators the best tools & services possible to start growing their audience, scale up, and operate their music career as a business

Meet the co-founders

Erast Davidjuk

Springing from his passion for music, marketing, and strategy, Erast co-founded Virra with Andre in 2017. Music has been a massive part of his life as he grew up practicing the piano in Estonia. Today, he seeks to change how music is marketed and enjoyed by fans worldwide at Virra.

Andre Farinazo

As a Marketer, Technologist, and Visionary, Andre has passionately sought to change the music industry for as long as he can remember. Every morning he wakes up looking to change how artists connect with their fans and promote themselves.

Automation and Data Science


Daniel is fascinated by learning how the world works and applying it through engineering and software to positively impact others. He’s always had a passion for music, having grown up playing piano and violin. At Virra, Daniel blends his interests to help artists have the freedom to focus on doing what they love.

Web Development


Lukas has a deep passion for personal growth and development. He’s a Designer, Developer, and Marketer who is curious, humble, open to new ideas and experiences, and adaptable.


Luke Wingert enjoys creation and discovery, He is incredibly passionate about virtual reality and its applications in medicine and education. His favorite book is Ready Player One. If he isn't doing web development he is training for his next 5k or reading light novels.



Alex is passionate about design and creativity. He intertwines videography, content, and graphic design with learning and executing marketing and business strategy.


Nick grew up playing music and has always had a passion for working in the industry alongside other artists, helping them with their careers. At Virra, Nick gets to help artists by promoting their music & brand through digital marketing campaigns.



Vince is a professional songwriter and music industry coach located in Los Angeles, Ca. He has worked with major labels, performed with major artists, and is passionate about helping other musicians reach their goals.


Growing up in the hustle and bustle of London, Joe has grown up around a myriad of cultures and fast growth and development. Experiencing and being fascinated by startups has become a part of his nature. He brings the team forward through collaborative working and learning new things.

Customer support & success


Jose is a go-getter by nature and enjoys working with others and talking with new artists about their goals and how they started in music. He is super excited to see where the artists that work with Virra will be in the coming years.


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